Jan 24, 2009

Heartland: It's starting to grow on me, frighteningly enough.

1.3: Breaking Free

I finally found an image that I can use for my Heartland posts. So for those of us who don't want to watch the show on YouTube (or waste our time downloading torrents, which I would avoid with this one), we now have a handy reference allowing you to place faces to names. From left to right we have: Scott (the vet who is probably in love with Lou), Mallory (the annoying 12-year-old), Jack (whom I call Grandpa Fletcher, but does have a name, and it is Jack), Lou (who is the most awesome character on the show by leaps and bounds), Spartan (the horse, so that should be easy to figure out), Amy (the main character), Ty (whiny but hot!) and Flighty Dad (he probably has a name, but I don't recall it right now). That is the cast. Now let's move on with the show.

This episode revolves around an open house. Lou insists on the open house to get their name out there and show people what they do at Heartland. Amy, predictably, doesn't think it's a good idea. Seriously, what ideas are good, Amy? Instead of sticking around to have that advised family meeting with Lou, Amy is all worried sick over Pegasus, her mom's old gelding. Apparently he isn't eating, preferring to mope in his stall because his favorite human doesn't visit him anymore. Amy has the perfect solution: aromatherapy. Pegasus picks out his scent and she starts to dribble it into his feed, which he still wants no part of.

You know what I think? Perhaps they should take him out of his stall occasionally. That might be helpful. Anyway, Amy spends the night with Pegasus and her beauty sleep is interrupted by Ty, who is trying to be a nice guy by putting a blanket on her. How dare he!

So, right about here I can only come up with a giant blank. This is because I watched this late last night, and am now trying to piece together a recap of it fourteen hours later with no attempts to refresh myself on the plot whatsoever. We'll skip forward to this horse that needs help, because after that I happen to remember everything, and I don't know how to feel about that.

Grandpa Fletcher and Ty go to the fancy/evil stable to pick up a tent for the open house. While there, Ty sees a motorcycle he just has to go ogle, giving Ashley a chance to invite him to ride it because it's her brother's and I'm sure this will be fine with him. Right. So Ty jumps on and she asks if she can go, so she gets on also and asks: "What do I hold onto?" Ty says, "Figure it out yourself." And I giggled myself through the rest of that scene.

Amy and Scott go to this other fancy, non-evil stable and see Ty motorcycling around. Amy knows immediately that it's him, because I guess she's memorized every article of his wardrobe. She makes the look. They continue on to see a horse that doesn't want to be saddled. She's been labeled vicious by everyone who has tried to work with her, including the fancy/evil stable owned by our antagonist, Val. The owner of the fancy/non-evil stable asks Amy if she's a horse whisperer, and Amy pulls out her righteous outrage by saying: "I listen to horses." Except she lets her tone tail up in the form of a really pissy question. Amy says she'll work with the mare, and they take her to Heartland, where she runs back into Ty and asks him how his ride was. Ah, jealousy.

Meanwhile, Lou is off having a normal lunch with her normal pal from high school, and then she runs into her father and asks him to come to the open house. While this is happening, Amy goes straight to work on the mare, putting a saddle on the mare's stall door. Out of nowhere, the mare lunges at her and Ty happens to be right there to slam the door closed and pull Amy out of the way, resulting in teen swooning as they press up against each other and don't immediately remove themselves from this position until Ashley wanders in totally out of nowhere. Ashley puts down the mare and tries to get Ty's attention, but he rebuffs her and notices how uncomfortable Amy is, which I'm sure just warms...places of his body.

Anyway, the rest of the time Ty is off trying to put up this giant tent, giving Amy time alone with Pegasus or the mare. She gets nowhere with the mare, deciding to call in the mare's former owner, a blind kid that looked really freaky on first impression. Honestly, my first reaction was "wait, why is there a serial killer in this show?" That weird. Then he turned out to be blind and respecting of living things, so it was all okay. He tells Amy that he never rode the mare with a saddle. Or a bridle for that matter. He rode her bareback with a halter. So Amy's all OH. The mare has not actually been broken to tack, which would obviously be a problem. So she montages her way through breaking the mare to saddle, which takes about, oh, one try. And things are all spiffy immediately.

Then we have Pegasus. The friend Lou saw at lunch comes by and puts on Amy's mother's fringed suede jacket, which winds up making Pegasus very mildly excited. So they hang the jacket up by his stall and that seems to do the trick. I still say they should just take him out of the barn occasionally.

Then we get to the open house. Amy parades the mare around and delivers some speech about how Heartland is better than any ranch on earth, and Val decides to throw out a challenge: if Amy can jump her $100,000 jumper who won't jump, she'll be, I don't know, more willing to believe in the fantasy, or something to that effect. Lou insists that Amy shouldn't have to display her amazingness more than she normally does on any given day, but Amy accepts. She rides the horse and gets tossed about once or so, and then Grandpa Fletcher tells her that the horse is commonly jumped in front of a lot of people. And he's always trained to jump by having people stationed by the jumps and armed with lunge whips, for some reason. Amy immediately tells everyone to clear the field, because this will help somehow. And then she jumps perfectly.

So, that's that. The open house turns into a dance party/cook out, and Lou is sad because her father didn't show up. She dances with Scott, who is so in love with her. Little does Lou know, her father has arrived and is in the barn talking with Pegasus, only Grandpa Fletcher comes and tells him to get off his property. They talk about not wanting to fight "today," which means that there will probably be a glorious moment where they do come to blows. I cannot wait for this moment.

Oh, and Ty asks Amy if she was jealous when Ashley came on to him and she totally is not. But she so is, and he knows it.

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