Jan 23, 2009

Heartland: Storming off in a huff is better than resolving conflict.

1.2: After the Storm

Don't you sort of think it's amusing that Lauren Brooke is given a writing credit on this show? One thing that never gets old is her Wikipedia page, because as the so called author of Heartland she'd need to have a life, and the publishers have made one up for her. I love this. Seriously, couldn't they have just done the Thoroughbred route and said "created by *insert editor name here*" so all the books would stick together on a library shelf?

Anyway, in this episode Amy is going through some post traumatic stress related to the crash. Her nightmares lead to classic bolting awake episodes, which makes me wonder who really does jump and sit straight up when waking up from a nightmare. I'm not sure this is possible. Anyway, Lou hears her in the middle of the night, but waits until morning to point this out to Amy. Honestly, Lou is more concerned about running Heartland properly. She wants it to run more like a business, while Amy is insistent on stating that Lou's ideas are "not how it works," or something, while being completely unhelpful by not making it clear to Lou exactly how it does, in fact, work. Lou asks Amy how this horse, Swallow, is doing in training and Amy replies that he's doing great. She's not exactly listening because her best friend, Soroya, is back from Quebec, and she's rushing to meet her. Lou takes Amy's off hand answer to mean that Swallow is ready to be picked up, setting us up for conflict.

Amy and Soroya decide to go for a ride, while Ty notices that no one is going to help him muck stalls and gets whiny about it. Mallory, this kid who is always around for no reason, offers to help, but no one cares enough to acknowledge her. Amy and Soroya go on a ride while Soroya goes on and on about how hot Ty is. Hot and whiny. Soroya is apparently a show jumper, and so is Amy, I guess, so they make a plan to enter the circuit this year or something like that, and they will go to a neighbor's farm to practice their jumping.

Meanwhile, over at the place that is clean and upscale and therefore snobby/evil, Swallow is ridden by the blond antagonist (whose name is Ashley, I guess). Swallow freaks at a car and Ashley falls off, resulting in hysterics from the owners. Amy did not train Swallow correctly! Let's get in our SUVs and go act indignant at Heartland! They do that, making Lou and Amy appropriately sorry for having no communication skills at all. Amy blames Lou, Lou says she thought Amy meant the horse was ready, and now they're going to lose business because the first thing horse people do in these stories is talk bad about each other. When Lou thinks she's got another customer, Amy doesn't help matters by throwing a fit at the dinner table and storming off when she yells something to the effect of not being able to give a quote when she hasn't seen the horse. I think these people need to have a meeting, post haste, just to save me from seeing Amy storm off from the dinner table again, which she does two or three times in this episode alone.

Then we have Ty's parole officer meeting with Grandpa Fletcher about the paperwork he needs to sign if he's going to keep Ty at Heartland. Ty, of course, is shirking his responsibilities so he can help Amy with Spartan, who is also going through some post traumatic stress in regards to trailers. He will not get in them, ruining their attempt to trailer to the neighbor's to practice. Soroya is disappointed, but gets over it, while Amy is having a self-confidence break down. No one believes in her abilities, least of all herself. So when Lou comes along to try to apologize and smooth things over by saying no one expects her to be a miracle worker, Amy acts like a bitch and storms off again. When Ty dumps his chores to make her a jump course consisting entirely out of dead wood in their back pasture, is she thrilled about it? No. She just takes it as a confirmation that she's not good enough with horses to get Spartan into the trailer, so she acts like a bitch and storms off. Again. Dude, what?

So, by now I wanted someone to take Amy and shake her akin to some romance novel. She's got everyone in a fit...Ty is getting his ass handed to him by Grandpa for helping Amy instead of doing his work, Lou is having a crisis while trying to juggle work and the ranch, and then Amy has to have a dream about Spartan and the trailer, indicating to her that Ty is right -- Spartan thinks the trailer is like a jail cell. A moving jail cell that may run into a tree. So she decides to park the trailer in front of Spartan's paddock and open up the side door into the paddock so Spartan has to go through the trailer to get to his grass. This eventually works. Hurrah!

Also, Grandpa goes over to the nice/evil place to confront Val, the owner who has been making snide comments about Heartland behind their backs. And Swallow's owner decides to take the horse back to Heartland, and this new guy/awesome jumping star wants Amy to train his horse to not be afraid of dogs. And Lou and Amy finally apologize to each other and get on the same page. We end with Amy jumping Spartan over the course Ty made for her, suggesting that she's not so much of a bitch to ignore the fact that he made this thing entirely.

I would really like it if Amy stopped storming off. I hope she grows out of it, because if she's still doing this as a method of getting out of resolving conflict by the third season, I don't know how long I can continue with her. That said, I did like this episode more than the first.


Monique said...

Mara, in the books, it was just as bad if not worse. Amy thinks that sulking is a means to an end. Oh, and that everyone else is against her and can't see things her way. It does get old, but hopefully they better her character in the show.

Anonymous said...

OMG, it's a SHOW now? I hated the books! I'm all for holistic medicine--really!--but just sticking in some "massage my horse randomly and stick some trendy scented oil in his feed" thing got old and kind of insulting after a while. Real T-touch is more complicated.