Dec 6, 2008

New Ebook Series: The Doubletree Kids

A few weeks ago I fell into a book called The It Girl by whoever the ghost writer is behind Gossip Girl. I picked it up because it had the two magic words in the summary: horse country. Unfortunately it was not a Gossip Girl scenario inside a horsey plot. It was just a product placement machine wrapped up in shitty attitude and the questionable morals of the elite teenager. However, ever since that epic failure I have been yearning for something along the lines of Gossip Girl meets Thoroughbred. (I don't know why, okay? Please don't question my weird needs.) Of course now I think I have found it. The series that combines the evils of wealthy adolescence with a seriously horsey background.

In my ongoing quest to find every new horse series I can, I bring you the series I am most awed by (currently). I give you The Doubletree Kids.
Becky Edwards wants to become a horse trainer more than anything else in the world. She moves to Del Mar and goes to the Doubletree ranch, looking for any kind of work that will include horses. She is befriended by Melanie Young, team leader and their trainer, Karen Evans and before long she's working with Karen. That doesn't sit well with all the team members and a whispering campaign begins.

Suspicious tongues start to wag when a valuable figurine belonging to Billy Martin comes up missing and fingers point to the newcomer. Although exonerated, Becky feels betrayed, and knowing she'll never really be a team member, she starts to pull away from Karen and the team.

A lucky twist of fate brings Becky to the barn early one morning and she finds Shievon Mahoney's mare, Megan cast in her stall. A combination of quick thinking and luck allows Becky to pull the little mare off the wall, thus making her a hero to the team and winning Shievon's undying allegiance.

That's just the beginning of her adventures along the road to fulfilling her dreams.
If that doesn't sell you, the second book involves pirates.

Unfortunately, these are ebooks, and I generally only read books I get for free. Well, that's my current rule. So, I will just have to live without Becky's poor-turned-amazing horsey pirate adventure/murder mystery.


Anonymous said...

wow, the first chapter was awful!! it read like a fanfic, and not a good one :(

Mara said...

isn't it fantastic? ;)