Aug 20, 2010

Movie: Ruffian


When I watched this once upon a time, I wasn't a fan.  I didn't remember why when I picked it back up.  Regardless, I remember being less than impressed.  Recently, I watched it again and was vaguely pleased by it...up until I remembered why I didn't like it.  Those reasons were less pronounced the second time around, but I'll just list them here for the fun of it.

Basically, they are as follows:

1) The big needle shot.  Okay, look.  I'm not very squeamish about these sort of things, but for some reason I just find it beyond creepy that they decided to show Ruffian's last moments in such a way.  Close up shot of her eye...great.  Fine.  Close up shot of her eye showing the reflection of the vet looming over her holding a giant needle...kind of reminds me of Frankenstein.  Equine Frankenstein!  Imagine the horror!

2) You could call this 1975: The Year Bill Nack Became Disillusioned With Racing aka Ruffian.  Yes, Bill Nack is a wonderful writer, and he has written many glorious, beautiful things about racing.  However, he kind of gets in the way a lot. 

3) This movie had a horrible release date.  Not that this is something I can logically hold against the movie.  Maybe I can hold it against ESPN, but there's something morbidly amusing about ESPN releasing a movie about a famous horse who breaks down in what was one of the most famous American races of the century the year after Barbaro broke down (and mere months after he died) on one of the three days America stops to remember horse racing exists.  I mean, why do we even bother trying to get people interested in this sport?  Is there a point anymore?

Basically, I just want Secretariat to be much, much better.

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Kelsey said...

I have been seeing the Secretariat trailer at work for months on end now and I get more and more excited each day.