Aug 2, 2010

Book Giveaway: Week 3

This week is dedicated to romance.  The titles I've pruned from my collection are as follows:

Who's Cheatin' Who?
Ride a Dark Horse

Who's Cheatin' Who is about tapas and murder and horse racing.  I also recall some trust issues mingling with baby daddy problems.  Or something.  Melodrama is fun, you guys.  Just go with it.

Ride a Dark Horse.  This is one of those romance novels that involve children.  In my history of reading romance novels for this blog, the ones with children are automatically the most insane.

You only need to comment, and your name goes in the hat.  Previous winners need not apply.  Contest ends 8/9.  Winner announced 8/10. 


Ace said...

Tapas AND murder AND horse racing? That, my friend, is just too good to pass up! My inner book whore needs her fix, since I am now a poor college student xD

P.S.- I do love your reviews! They make my day :)

BluelineGoddess said...

Third time's a charm!

Anonymous said...

I want to be entered!