Apr 20, 2009

Wildfire: It's a question of moral relativism. Really!

2.10: 51/49

This is the famous airing of grievances while stuck in a barn episode. Well, they actually stay in the barn by choice, and mainly because Ashleigh refuses to leave Wonder's side despite what I believe is a healthy nonchalance on Wonder's part.

Everyone is having trouble sleeping lately since the accident, and Ashleigh is refusing to ride Wonder on pretenses that she believes the horse isn't ready to be ridden despite veterinary opinion to the contrary. Chad sticks up for Ashleigh, while Ian breaks out his dramatic "this is the rest of her life!" chat that no one really listens to. In order to get the horse some exercise, Ian makes Ashleigh and Mike jog on foot next to Wonder, and they jog all the way to Townsend Acres. Wonder tosses a shoe, so she's stall bound at Townsend Acres until Ian can get there with a trailer...which doesn't happen because a storm pops up and washes out every road in California.

So Ashleigh decides she can't leave Wonder's side, and everyone else decides they can't leave Ashleigh's side, and they sleep in the stable while the storm rages on. At one point, this episode could have degenerated into an ax murderer plotline, but it thankfully sticks to the airing of grievances instead. Dani buted Panther, really! No, she really didn't! Dani hides the fact that Clay was actually the one who buted Panther, allowing everyone to think that she's really that awful as a person before the collective freaking out exhausts everyone. In the early hours of morning, Chad shows up so he can be disturbed by the image of Brad and Ashleigh cuddling in their sleep. It appears that his minor romantic interest is easily threatened.

Meanwhile, Clay has scurried off due to some FBI investigation into his finances. The FedEx guy shows up, remarkably undetered by the "washed out" roads, in order to hand over an intimidating packet of papers from Clay's lawyers. The news is hilarious, at least for Brad: Clay has handed over complete interest in the house and the farm to his children. Only he has given Brad 51% and Dani a mere 49%, pitting them against each other in some spoiled rich kid death match. Only Brad is too busy being amused to care, and Dani is too busy spouting out all her dirty secrets on her father as revenge. Clay buted Panther! Ah, all that dirty laundry is aired. We can all move on, because Ashleigh is flying a plane, and I guess that was an important step in her relationship with Chad, for it taught her to get back on Wonder and stop complaining already.

Upon arriving at Townsend Acres, Ian is there and he has conveniently "forgotten" the trailer. Ashleigh will have to ride Wonder home bareback! Brilliant idea, Ian. I love your forethought.

Anyway, Brad is rich again, someone mentions an actual race that actually exists (the Clark Handicap!), and then Mike and Dani break up beacuse she speechifies how unimportant she thinks she is to Mike (not to mention he kind of always thought she buted her own horse...that's trust for you). Then Clay appears in handcuffs so he can explain that he is being arrested for "a bad real estate deal" and the kids should "take care of each other" despite that whole previous discussion about how he was pitting them against each other. Declarations of love and crying happens, and then Ashleigh gallops home on Wonder in slow motion, because who doesn't like horses galloping in slow motion?

Okay, I continue to really love this show. The Chad/Ashleigh relationship...not so much. As a couple, they're about as interesting as staring at a bowl of fruit for long periods of time.

Also? I'm back from England, sort of recovered from the cold I brought back with me from England, and am feeling a bit more inclined toward blogging. I've got some obscure horse books waiting in the wings, as well as the incredible urge to delve back into Thoroughbred and Pine Hollow. So, you can go ahead and anticipate some more activity around here.


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Welcome back Mara!

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Welcome back! I missed your wicked awesome reviews :)