Feb 8, 2010

Wildfire: Flames

4.4: Flames

You know, the day I find out Wildfire is available to me in its entirety at hulu.com is the day I totally lose interest in actually watching it. Yet, here I am, committed to seeing this through to the end. We are so close! Just a little bit further! I promise this won't be awful! Really!

The Good:

+ "I don't do things on the down low anymore," says Ashleigh. Whenever someone says "down low" it's hard for me to not burst into laughter. Mainly because I think it is the stupidest term since "my bad," which for some reason enrages me. That said, I am thrilled that Ashleigh isn't doing anything on the down low anymore. My little self-righteous, sanctimonious Ashleigh is back! *hugs Ashleigh tight* Never leave us again, Ash! +3!

+ Wonder's Pride has a photo album tucked away in the Townsend Acres office. Of course Brad keeps a photo album of Pride in his office. Doesn't this make sense? And within that photo album are some really horrible pictures that have been photoshopped beyond saving. For some reason, I like this. +2!

+ Brad saunters in with a briefcase of cash. Awesome? Yes. +10!

+ I even like the rocking out Ashleigh, Mike, Brad and Dani do in the truck. And the way Ashleigh and Dani say, "I used to hate you!" And the way Ashleigh says, "I can't believe I punched you in the face!" I can't believe any of this is happening. +3!

+ And then there is Ashleigh/Brad eye sex. That's right. +5!

+ Brad goes and saves Ashleigh from a flaming support beam by tackling her, picking her up, throwing her over his shoulder, and escaping a roaring barn fire. Well. +4!

+ So, I can't give Mike many points just as a basic rule. However, he rides Pride through a flaming wall, almost rivaling Brad's level of general awesomeness. But because I kind of doubt a horse is going to randomly burst through a flaming wall, I will only give this one point. +1!

+ Dani slaps Noah. This is deserved and needs to happen more often. +2!

+ Brad tells Ashleigh that he had to choose between her and Pride during the barn fire. And obviously he chose her because they are so obviously in love because they are dedicated friends who have eye sex a lot. +2!

+ Pride looks like a racehorse, whereas Wonder always looked like a very stout plow pony. +1!

Good: 33

The Bad:

- MIKE. Your stupid plans to train Wonder after she's just barely recovered from her broken leg are stupid. Please seek therapy. -3

- MIKE. Cantering away from your paying clients and leaving them in a field because they keep calling you Michael means -3

- NOAH. You are annoying. -2

Bad: 8


The More Things Change (1): 22
The More Things Change (2): 1
Calm: 12
Flames: 25


Anonymous said...

Wildfire is now on Hulu? I know how I'll be wasting time this weekend! Such a crazy show.

Natalie said...

Loving the new layout.