Aug 9, 2008

Out of curiosity...

I've been keeping track of the searches people have done that land them on this blog since May. So now, with a full three months of statistics at my disposal, I have collected a generous helping of search phrases I deem hilarious enough to share with (more) regular readers. Now, without further ado (and I apologize because I totally accidentally deleted this post previously):

  • poontang
  • ashleigh fart
  • balls cut off dog
  • boys like to grab each other
  • boys wearing tight pants
  • cross dress fun
  • derby still got it? (got what? huh?)
  • everyone is selfish
  • fucking allie, fuckingallie, fucking allie husband (seriously?)
  • fucking father-in-law
  • farm whores
  • gail fucks horses
  • help me save my little pony farm ugly stuff before it's too late (yeah...I don't think we helped her)
  • is hunter jumper riding dangerous (were they expecting the internet to give them a yes or no answer to this?)
  • neurotic racing
  • rape for love
  • riding horses rape
  • samantha and tor thoroughbred divorce (who else is amused?)
  • she liked wearing tight pants
  • shit her pants and she disqualified race
  • stallion bonded horse raped
Anyway, just to point this out: we have no porn here at the Whitebrook Farm Blog. Although I do admit I'm providing this list in the hope that I can always confuse more porn and tight pants enthusiasts in the future. Come on, amuse me more.

1 comment:

Monique said...

hahahaha, whoever searched for the samantha and tor one should seriously explore some of the older fanfic we had at wbf...