Dec 9, 2014

Big Surprising Announcement!

Hello, my lovelies. This is Mara, coming to you today with good news! (I know. Just the fact that I logged into Blogger for the first time since June 2013 is sort of a miracle in itself, but I digress.) The blog and all of its various accounts will now be run by Heather, who wrote several reviews for us back in the day. She is super excited to hit the ground running, so for those who want their horse book reviews got 'em. Heather is your champion. Look to Heather. I will be about, probably not doing anything and letting Heather shoulder all of the work. Ha, ha, aren't I so awesome?

Please welcome Heather! 


Heather said...

Thank you Mara! Yes, like one Brad Townsend I have taken co ownership with relatively little effort, all for my own nefarious purposes, no doubt. Mwa ha ha!!

But really, I do hope to get this blog dusted off and all shiny again. Hopefully I will do right by our loyal readers. Suggestions, comments, and the like are all welcome!

Nicole said...

Yayy! So happy this blog is coming back :) I would love to see a review of this movie - I haven't seen it (yet) but the cover art is truly appalling, particularly the lack of a girth on the (obviously photoshopped) horse.

Anonymous said...


This is so nice to hear read whatever. I am looking forward to the new reviews :)!

E said...

I am so happy this blog is still going!!! Heather, can you review Thoroughbred #70, please? It's the only one that hasn't been done yet (and my completist self is anxious to be put at ease!!).