Jul 20, 2012

Heartland Season 1 Episode 13 - Coming Together

Guys, when I told you I love this show I seriously wasn't kidding. Not only do I love this show, I also have NOTHING to do with my life until the last week of August, which means these recaps are going to come fast and furious even if you're begging me to stop. There is also no excuse for you guys not to watch along - the show is streaming on Netflix, and it's available on both Amazon.com's streaming service, and through iTunes. If you email me, I would be happy to help you find this show online. Trust me, you'll love it.

Okay, now that I have convinced you to run out and watch this show as obsessively as I did, let's talk about the season finale of Season 1. We have finally reached what promises to be the climax not only of Amy's personal equine triumph, but also the much anticipated resolution of the burning sexual tension between her and Ty. Or have we?!?!?!

We open with Amy competing in some small potatoes horse show so that she can get the points to compete in the Fall Finale. She and Spartan come in second, which somehow means Amy qualifies for the biggest horse show of the season, despite this being the only time Amy's competed this year, as far as I can tell. Far more remarkable than this mystery of math is the fact that Amy is actually THRILLED with her second place win. As Ty later points out during a romantic walk through the snow-covered pile of jumping logs he built her, he has always known she competed not to win, but because she loves the aforementioned "thrill." Isn't Amy weird, guys? What's up with her non-Cindy McLean attitude? I don't know if I can take it.

Anyway, Amy's rival, Ashley, happened to come in third because she botched the jump-off and knocked down a rail. Ashley's mother is PO'd, and pulls the classic, "I will sell your horse if you ever lose again, stupid daughter," routine. At this point I found myself wondering why TLC hasn't started a show about Horse Show moms. I feel like they could really bring in a whole new audience of traumatized equestrians. Maybe the horse show mom is also the mother of identical triplets riding identical triplet horses, all of whom compete in beauty pageants on the side and are also hoarders. I don't know, I'm not a television producer.

Back at the ranch everyone is freaking out because Lou went for a big job interview in New York and what in the hell are the going to do without her? She is the only one on the whole place that can do maths. But don't worry Amy, you have other problems to bother you. It turns out that Ben has convinced Ashley Apollo is inconsistent, and Amy's magic horse voodoo is the only thing that can help Ashley win the Fall Finale. So Ashley storms over to Heartland and demands Amy helps her OR ELSE something about taking jumps away, I don't know.

So Amy is basically being blackmailed into helping her biggest competition because without jumps she can't train. When she explains the situation to Coach Ty he becomes infuriated that Amy would dare help Ashley. Mallory backs him up on this one, but in this case I kind of see Amy's point - she can't train without jumps. The flaw I DO see is that Dr. Earth 2 is Ben's aunt, who owns the jumps. Seeing as Dr. Earth 2 is dating Amy's grandfather, I doubt she would take the jumps away. But everyone else fails to see this line of reasoning so off Amy goes to help Ashley. Turns out that Ashley gets nervous when her mother is watching her and fucks up the jumping, which prompts Amy to suggest that Val leave the arena when Ashley's riding. Ashley is actually thrilled that Amy's told Val what Ashley has secretly been thinking all along.

Here I would like to stop and say that, as easy as this solution is, and as quickly as Amy reaches it, props to the show. There are no problem horses, only problem riders, right? That's actually the case in most of the problems Amy solves. What rankles is that she is the only one capable of observing these issues even though she is surrounded by a sea of experienced horse people. So anyway. At least she doesn't get a big head out of it

At this point let's catch up on our sub-plots. Turns out the reason Ty's been so pissy is, um, two things. First, his probation is ending and that's making him all weird because what if suddenly he's still on probation? I don't know. It turns out his probation ends and this is how Ty shows his immense sense of happiness and relief:

But also making him pissy is the fact that his biological father tracked him down and is asking Ty to come visit him or help him or I don't know. The show never really makes that clear. Ty is still struggling with the fact that he loves Amy so much, and now he also has to struggle with his unresolved Daddy issues. He keeps trying to talk to Amy and she keeps saying, "Tell me anything you want!" And then he's all:

And she's all, "Yeah?" like she doesn't know he wants to ravish her, and then he's all, "Nevermind."

So off we all go to the Fall Finale, and everything is going great until Spartan's old owner shows up right before the jump-off and demands Amy return the horse to him because, oops, he is still the legal owner of the horse. Silly show. Lou does some fast-talking and convinces the guy to let Amy ride Spartan in the jump-off, which she promptly wins. Conversely, Ashley forfeits when her mother breaks her promise and watches Ashley jump. ALSO Val is the one who called Spartan's old owner, stupid horse show mom. But anyway, Lou lawyers the old owner out of taking Spartan and now Spartan is Amy's forever huzzah!

Back at Heartland everyone is having a party. Good times. Ty and Amy are in the barn and FINALLY they make out. Seriously. But then Grandpa Mustache wanders in and ruins it for everyone. Amy runs away in shame and Ty confesses to Grandpa Mustache that he wants to go help his real father. Grandpa Mustache is all, "You are like a son to me but I hate men who kiss and run." Ty is all, thanks, cries, and then runs away, leaving Amy a note under his cowboy hat. And so begins the prolonged pain that is Season 2, where the showrunners use every reason they can conceive of to keep Amy and Ty apart in order to keep the audience both hooked and infuriated.

And oh yeah, Lou didn't go to New York and she and Scott made out. The End.


Mara said...

So...I kind of LOVE season two. The pining is ridiculous, and yet perfect, and I cannot wait for you to analyze it.

Also, Scott is a moron. That is all.

Claire said...

Mara, I am really glad you are enjoying these. I need someone else to vent about this show to! And yes, I don't even know how to begin recapping the awkwardness that is Lou and Scott's entire relationship. He is such a weird character, and he and Lou are so not compatible.

Also, I can't stop laughing at the caps of Ty with his mouth hanging open. So good.

Linda Shantz said...

I can actually watch this show in real time (here in Canada, of course), and I just can't watch it. When I try, it makes me stabby. Have fun! Too bad CBC cancelled Wild Roses, which was kind of a more grown-up version of Heartland!

Mara said...

I adore it like I did Wildfire. The negatives (which were plentiful) couldn't possibly outweigh the awesomeness of that show. But I'll have to check out Wild Roses!

Claire said...

I think the thing with Heartland, at least for me, is that I went into it expecting it to be a lot worse than it is. So my low expectations helped boost my opinion of the show. Also, I just love the ridiculousness of it, especially since the show has a tendency to call itself out on it. It's fun fluff, but it makes me stabby too, believe me. And thanks for the new show recommendation!