Apr 28, 2010

Kentucky Derby Reading List

The first lady of Kentucky has a Kentucky Derby reading list of ten books, and Thoroughbred, by some weird turn of fate, is named twice. It appears she is a Thoroughbred fan, because I still can't really figure out why The Horse of Her Dreams is on this list otherwise.

The List:
1. B Is For Bluegrass: A Kentucky Alphabet, Mary Ann McCabe Riehle
2. Perfect Timing: How Isaac Murphy Became one of the World's Greatest Jockeys
3. Little Freddie at the Kentucky Derby, Kathryn Cocquyt
4. The Horse of Her Dreams (Thoroughbred Series #24), Joanna Campbell
5. A Horse Called Wonder (Thoroughbred Series #1), Joanna Campbell
6. A Horse Named Seabiscuit, Mark Dubowski
7. Man O’ War: Best Racehorse Ever, Jennifer Guess McKerley
8. Skipingo Home, Jane Lyon and Karen Bailey
9. The Black Stallion, Walter Farley
10. National Velvet, Enid Bagnold



Anonymous said...

What? "Horse of her Dreams"? Really ? This wasn't a ranking, I hope, and just merely a listing.

Now I have to scour my memory to figure out what was so great about that book.

Elizabeth said...

Seriously? The Horse of Her Dreams has NOTHING to do with the Derby, or even racing really, since as I recall, Christina mostly spends the book whining about how much she hates racing.

Monique said...

I would have picked the stoopid Image derby book over book 24 any day.

Gen said...

I'd have gone Wonder's First Race and Samantha's Pride if I had to pick two Thoroughbred books.

Although, I'd personally have added Marguerite Henry in place of one of the others too.