Apr 4, 2009

mara's scheduled departure

I am headed off to London for the next week, and in that time I do not intend to read or watch anything that might have anything to do with horses. (I might ride a horse in London, but that's another story.) So the Whitebrook Farm blog might be a bit dark for the next several days. Do not fear! I'll be back mid-April, and the madness will resume at some fairly consistent basis.



Elizabeth said...

Please ride a horse, fall off the horse, allow an American to retrieve the horse for you, and magically become a titled lady 39th in line to the throne so you can reenact the Lisa/Tessa meeting from The Saddle Club!

Also, have a good trip and I may even try to post something while you're gone.

Emily said...

I just got back from a week London. Have fun!