Mar 20, 2009

Review Policy (because we all love policies!)

Have a book you'd like to send me? That's great! Here's what you need to know:

1. The blog is primarily concerned with fiction involving horses. While it is clear that we've spent most of our time on young adult and middle grade fiction, I will read just about any work of fiction so long as the plot involves horses and would be of interest to people who enjoy or work with horses. So, to sum up: horses! If they aren't a primary point of the book, please apply elsewhere.

2. Sending me a book does not necessarily guarantee a review. Don't get me wrong. I want to read your book. I really, really do. It's just that sometimes it will either take me a long, long while, or I just won't get to it. That said, persistence is helpful and I react well to little nudges.

3. Opinions can be unpopular sometimes. Sending me a book does not guarantee a positive review. What it does guarantee is an honest review. Everything else is up to fate. (I may post spoilers, I may not! I may recap it, I may not!)

4. This blog is a collaboration, but books will be read by me (see: Mara). I'm a professional book reviewer, a published author, and a librarian (public and academic). I am also ceaselessly friendly, as per librarian code! Please relax, as your book is in good hands.

If we're still good to go, please shoot me an e-mail.

wbfblog at gmail dot com

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